Seed Catalogue

Here are the varieties we gave away by the hundreds this spring!

Blaue Hilde Purple Pole Bean

Pole Bean – Needs a fence/string or trellis and can grow 10′ tall

Green Crop Bush Bean

Compact plants produce a heavy yield of long (8”) flat pods. The seeds are white and fairly large so are good as a dry bean as well.

Whippersnapper Cherry Tomato

Whippersnapper is a compact tomato plant that can be grown in a pot.
It produces from mid summer until frost. Ripe tomatoes are pinkish red.

Melfort Beefsteak Tomato

The Melfort Tomato was developed in Morden, SK.  It ripens to maturity in early mid-summer.

Siberian Sandwich Tomato

A Grilz family favourite—seed has been passed down for 4 generations and now will be kept alive with our Seed Library too! A medium sized low acid tomato. Delicious eaten fresh, used in salads or for sauce. Grows well in Saskatchewan. Cold hardy. Determinate, regular leaf, 55 days from transplant.


Cilantro and coriander are the same plant, a pretty annual herb with feathery leaves and large white umbrella flower heads that turn to seed.

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

EARLY lettuce- ready in 45 days or less!