Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

How to grow:

Soil:  well drained/ use mulch around mature plant to keep soil cool & retain moisture
Sun: full sun, part shade


  • in a row 6” apart with rows 12-18” apart. Or broadcast and water them into the ground.
  • Cover with very fine of layer of loose soil
  • Water after planting
  • Can grow in a container too
  • Weed 1-2 times early in growth cycle

Days to Maturity:

  • EARLY lettuce- ready in 45 days or less!
  • Plant more every couple weeks.

How to save the seeds:

  • Pick one plant to go to seed. You can eat some of its earlier leaves, but leave the plant healthy. When lettuce gets to hot it bolts which is what you want for seed saving. A stalk with a seed head will grow from the centre. Wait until it is dry- end of August? Then cut off the stalk and hit it against the side of a clean bucket/deep bowl/wheelbarrow.
  • Scoop up the seeds and blow off the chaff. Put clean seeds in envelopes and return to CHEP. Thanks for sharing!